Project Management software that helps teams and managers collaborate

project portfolios and hierarchiesAdd structure to your projects.

Plannable allows you to take your projects to new levels - literally. A flexible project and portfolio structure lets you organize your work in a way that suits your business.

manage your project hierarchy

Deep and flexible hierarchy

Organize your projects with as many levels as required. Projects can even be placed in multiple portfolios simultaneously. Nest sub-tasks as deeply as necessary.

Structured planning

Let your entire team help you plan projects. Create high-level tasks, and leave room for them to add their own sub-tasks. This will allow you to arrive at reasonable estimates for scope, time, and budget.

Analyze your projects at all levels

View aggregate data for all projects, selected portfolios, or individual projects.

Agile meets waterfallAgile mode

waterfall and agile

Use the Agile card view, or mix hierarchical waterfall planning with Agile execution. Capacity planning tools allow you to right-size your iterations. Create user stories and easily move them between backlog and Sprints. Product roadmaps, Burndown and Velocity charts give you the big picture of your projects, tasks, and iterations. Update the development progress of stories by dragging them across an Agile status board. Create your own custom workflows and roadmaps.

project planning and sharingShare and plan projects internally and externally.

Invite team members to collaborate with you on projects whether they work in your organization or at another company. Control access permissions for each project member.

share projects with customers and team

gantt chartsEasy-to-understand timelines and gantt charts.

Gantt charts are automatically created based on project data. This provides an easy-to-visualize timeline of when individual tasks are to be completed as well as their dependencies.

gantt charts!

assignments and schedulingView assignment distribution across projects

Plannable’s 'Assignments Gantt' allows you to see the tasks each team member is working on, across all the projects they are part of. You’ll be able to see who is overloaded with tasks and who can take on more work. Simply drag and drop tasks to reassign them or evenly distribute them along the timeline.

timesheets & worklogsTrack project progress with built-in timesheets.

Timesheets are integrated with all of Plannable’s applications and can be completed and submitted in just a few clicks. Ask team members to submit timesheets and see the time spent working on each task. Once submitted, time-sheets are automatically incorporated into projects, allowing work progress to be tracked.

timesheets and time tracking
bugs and tasks planned together

Task & issue trackingTrack tasks and issues together.

Plannable’s task management application has a built-in issue tracker. This make it easy for project managers to follow issues and defects as they are resolved and incorporate them into projects.

Microsoft Project compatibleImport MS Project files to get started quickly.

Import Ms Project files and work on them collaboratively. Multiple team members can work on the same file at the same time and use the discussion forums to communicate in real-time. Tasks can also be linked together, traced back to their origins, assigned, and managed. Export files or create reports to share plans in progress or completed projects with your team.

Microsoft Project alternative
project status updates

notifications & collaborationStay up-to-date on your projects.

Plannable’s collaborative nature allows all project members to be on same page at all times, no matter where they are working from. Receive notifications as soon as project items are added, updated, changed or completed. Communicate with project members and ensure everyone is on the right track.

Follow tasks and issues

Receive notifications for tasks and defects that interest you.

Discussion boards

Get necessary input by holding discussions on ideas and requirements.

Activity history

See all updates to a task - who changed what, when.

customer validationCommunicate with your customers.

Have customers submit issues and defects directly to your Plannable account by using the customer portal. From there, it’s easier and faster to track, manage and resolve issues.

customer discussions